Q.) Do I need to make an appointment to place my order?
A.) No, you may place your order anytime Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm, or online by clicking ORDER NOW

Q.) Do I need to bring my own tux/drape/etc?
A.) All supplies needed for both the yearbook and cap & gown pictures will be provided except for the white t-shirt for the guys. Girls - please bring a spaghetti strap shirt or a tube top will be provided. 

 UMS-Wright students must bring their own coat/school blazer. Senior tie is provided.

McGill - Boys be sure to bring your own  Sports Coat/ Blazer and tie.

Q.) What does the sitting fee include?
A.) The sitting fee includes your studio time and it provides your school with the images needed for their yearbook. The sitting fee does not include any portraits.

Q.) How long do you keep senior portraits?
A.) We keep senior portraits on file for two years.

Q.) How long does it take to receive my proofs?
A.) You will receive your proofs by e-mail with in  2-3 weeks from the date of your session. From there you can order and view your portraits. If you are photographed in our studio you will receive paper proofs for you to take home and your portraits will be loaded online for you to view and/or purchase within 48 hours.

Q.) When will the proofs be available for viewing online?
A.) The proofs will not be available online until they have been processed by our lab.  Your user name and password will be provided in your e-mail or on your paper proofs  that you receive through our studio.